Here are (only) a few of my favorite pieces from
the discography of the greatest singer of all time.

I have "stereolized" them to make it easier on those
of us who like to listen to them on headphones
(monophonic recordings on headphones always give
me a headache). If Caruso's voice, in your opinion,
somehow acquires an otherwise absent "presence"
(and thus becomes more "understandable" to those
few of you as yet unfamiliar with the nobility and
beauty of this astonishing singer's voice... well, that's
just even better, isn't it).

Note: These tracks are taken directly from 78 discs.
I ran a "pop & click" remover on them plus Noise
Reduction and this does tend to modify the overall
sound (the stereo-fying also changes the quality of
the sound), though I think it all worthwhile).

Copyright (P) 2010 Mr. S. D. Rodrian

Some of these recording are more than 100 years old,
therefore I assume them to be in the public domain.
If you know for a fact they are not, and you are able
and willing to produce documentation of this, I
would greatly appreaciate it if you'd let me know.
My email is:
subject line: Your caruso postings

Otherwise, the technicals of these files are
COPYRIGHT 2010 by S D Rodrian

Or, Archive.Org might have faster downloads.

The first 22 tracks are part of a compilation
I have made into a CD some years ago.

Additional Caruso recordings are available from

01 Mattinata
02 The Dream from Manon
03 Ideale
04 M'appari tutt'amor
05 Musica proibita
06 Mia piccirella
07 Nina
08 Addio
09 Ombra mai fu
10 Pieta Signore
11 Pimpinella
12 Rachel quand du Seigneur
13 Siciliana
14 Vieni sul mar
15 Vois ma misere
16 Addio dolce svegliare
17 Core 'ngrato
18 Come un bel di di Maggio
19 Cielo e mar
20 Flower Song
21 Celeste Aida
22 Deh' ch'io ritorni


Caruso - Ah non sort
Caruso - Amore o grillo
Caruso - Che gelida manina
Caruso - E lucevan le stelle
Caruso - Faure's Crucifix
Caruso - For You Alone
Caruso - Invano Alvaro
Caruso - La Danza
Caruso - La fatal pietra - O terra addio
Caruso - La rivedra nell'estasi
Caruso - L'Alba separa dalla luce l'ombra
Caruso - Lolita
Caruso - O paradiso
Caruso - Ora e per sempre addio
Caruso - Parmi veder le lagrime
Caruso - Questa o quella
Caruso - Rossini's Cujus animam
Caruso - Salut demeure chaste et pure
Caruso - Sento una forza indomita
Caruso - Serenata
Caruso - Siam giunto O giovinette
Caruso - Tu ca nun chiagne
Caruso - Una furtiva lagrima
Caruso - Verdi's Ingemisco

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